Lean startup, Customer Discovery and Business Model Generation are all vital skills for an entrepreneur – and so is growth hacking.


To be the best you have to work with the best. Awesome talent, dedication to improvement and ambition is needed if you would like to join our team. Experience within Growth Hacking is not mandatory, but we expect you to have the latest knowledge within your domain.


We provide you with a platform to practice and build your experience hands on. This is the perfect learning experience to become a master of Growth Hacking.


We are looking for talented people within the following domains:

CRO and metrics

e-mail marketing and marketing automation

data analytics

content marketing

social media


Join SpeedLedger and Jesper Forslund and our quest for continuous growth.


If you think you are savvy enough for the job – please contact us today at jf@speedledger.se


About SpeedLedger

We offer online accounting and invoicing software for small businesses and associations. With SpeedCoding, we are the only accounting software that enables a direct connection to online bank accounts.SpeedLedger is a fast growing software company, and Sweden’s most popular online accounting software.


Our aim is to make business more enjoyable by automating routine tasks. We believe that accurate financial records are vital to your business success, but that bookkeeping should always take second place to the work you care about.


Accounting is changing – driven by advances in technology – and we want you and your organisation to benefit from these advances.


About Jesper Forslund

Cross functional Growth Hacker and entrepreneur. Currently Retention Manager and acting Marketing Manager at SpeedLedger. Chairman of the Venture Cup West Jury. Former startup CEO. Member of Connect West professional network. Publisher of e-book Business Plan For The Win! Frequent speaker. And most important of all – always learning new stuff together with awesome people.

Vår vision är tydlig - vi vill revolutionera sättet småföretagare ser på sin administration. Vårt mål är att ge småföretagare bättre förutsättningar att helt och fullt fokusera på det som de brinner för och är bra på: att sälja och utveckla sin produkt, utan att lägga onödig tid på bokföring och redovisning.